Asset Management

Assets are invested primarily in no-load or low-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.  Mutual fund companies charge each shareholder an investment management fee that is disclosed in the fund prospectus.  Custodians may charge a transaction fee for the purchase and/or sale of some funds.

Stocks and bonds may be purchased or sold through a custodial account when appropriate.  The custodian charges a fee for stock and bond trades.  Dedicated Investment Advisers, LLC does not receive any compensation, in any form, from fund companies or custodial firms.

Investments may also include: equities (stocks), warrants, corporate debt securities, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, investment company securities (variable life insurance, variable annuities, and mutual funds shares), U. S. government securities, options contracts, and interests in partnerships.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are not available through Dedicated Investment Advisers, LLC.